De Denne Winners 2015

The prizes have now been awarded for the entries of our De Denne competition 2014/15. Again this year we had lots of great entries and really appreciate all the hard work that our members put into their pieces.

You will see the main winners below for each category but you can see the full list of prize winners by logging on with your password. You can also find the theme and instructions for entering the 2015/2016 de Denne competition "Looking Through" if you click here (you will need to log in and then look under Young Ideas, then Looking Through).

One of our Young Embroiderers, Elizabeth Wilson, of Leamington JETS has written a report about her visit to Olympia to see her wonderful snake SSSSparkle, which won second place in the de Denne Competition. We hope that her experience will inspire you to enter the 2016 competition "Looking Through".

SSSSparkle by Elizabeth Wilson"When we arrived at Olympia in London we went straight to Mr X Stitch's stand to see if SSSSparke was there. There were loads of stands and we couldn't find the right one at first but eventually we did. When we got there we could see SSSSparkle sitting on the table edge. That made me feel good to see him safe.

There were two other pieces of work by SSSSparkle - a vase and a hill with a river. On the walls and the other end of the table were the other pieces of work by other young embroiderers. They all had our names by them.

One of the ladies came over and started to tell us all the work was from Young Embroiderers. Mum told her who I was and she went and fetched Mr X Stitch and he took lots of photos. He also gave me a coaster kit as a treat and I did it at home on Sunday. We then went and had a look at the rest of the show but half way round the stands we decided to go back to Mr X Stitch as he had invited me back to sew. I sewed an "E" and brought it home to finish it. There were lots of stands and I had a great time spending my money on bits of ribbon and things. My grandma bought lots of wool.

We then went on the train and went to see Buckingham Palace where we went into the gift shop and I bought a cap and a toy corgi. They we went and saw Big Ben and the London Eye and the Thames".

Sounds like a great day Elizabeth!!

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"Glenda the Glistening Mermaid" "Sunset over Loch Lomond" "All that Glistens is not Gold"

Winner - 9-11 Age Group

Abigail Beech

Wirral Group

Winner - 12-14 Age Group

Holly Bignell

Blackmore Vale Group

Winner - 15-17 Age Group

Louisa Hunt

Worthing Saturday Group

"The Golden Fleece"

Winner - Group Award

Merseyside Young Embroiderers

Oxford Young Embroiderers' - Winner Group Individual Entries - "Spring Flowers"
Ela Ergenel Charlotte Payne Charlotte Warwick Genevieve Monaghan
Heather Fishburn Imogen Marooney Niamh Payne Rosie Pater
Hannah Stamford Sophie Warwick