De Denne theme for a Workshop

de Denne Workshop by Solihull groupHere's a great idea!

One of our YE leaders offered "Underfoot" a one-off activity to a group of youngsters to show them what stitching was all about and hopefully entice them to become members of the YE.

Amy, Denu, Robyn and Gabrielle (aged from 7-10) discussed the title ‘Underfoot’. Footprints in mud, different woodlands and wild animals, foxes, badger etc seemed to be popular.

Sourcing fabrics and leaves from her resources the children placed the ‘woodland floor’ onto a base fabric. The children then stitched felt footprints of badgers, dogs and foxes onto cotton backgrounds and Amy ironed them onto interfacing to give a neat edge when cut out. Amy and Gabrielle decided where the footprints should go. Denu and Robyn made stones and likewise decided on their placement.

The skills they learned in doing this are: stitching, applying interfacing, cutting neatly, working together, making creative decisions, deciding on colours, sizes of stitches and working as a group. All in all, they had enormous fun and we look forward to them joining YE!