Safeguarding Young People

The Embroiderers' Guild Child Protection Policy - Safeguarding Young People

Safeguarding Young People – the Embroiderers’ Guild Child Protection Policy, Code of Good Practice and Procedures for Implementation

The Guild is a major provider of arts activity through Young Embroiderers and increasingly through our developing learning programme which provides learning opportunities for a wider young audience.

If a parent asked about the Guild and its activities for young people and their safety, how would we answer them? How do people know their children and young people are safe with the Guild?

The Policy seeks to

  • Prevent harm from accidents and abuse
  • Respect the rights and interests of children and young people
  • Provide them with the equality of opportunity with the Guild (in line with the Guild’s Access and Learning policy)
  • Support the adults responsible for the care of children and young people engaging with the Guild by providing a Code of Good Practice and Procedures which identify work structures and processes to assist in implementing the Policy and Code effectively.

Safeguarding Young People is for implementation throughout the Guild wherever and whenever we are working with children and young people. On occasion the procedures for paid staff and volunteers may vary in response to the varying circumstances in which activities are offered.

The Code of Good Practice is derived from the recommendations listed in Safe from Harm (Home Office) and from Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Church (a code of good practice for vestries and congregations in the Scottish Episcopal Church).

The terms children and young people used in this document denote all those aged under 18. In Scottish law legal responsibilities for some purposes define a child as someone up to the age of 16 years. We recommend that the procedures given here should be followed as best practice in child protection. Further new procedures and information will be sent out in the form of updates. If the procedures raise questions please contact the Artistic Director for Young & Student Embroiderers or the CEO to discuss these as soon as possible.

Safeguarding Young People and any updates will be sent to all Young Embroiderers Group Leaders, Group Helpers, Young Embroiderers Regional Representatives, Branch Chairmen, Regional Committees and all Guild staff on a regular basis.

Many of the procedures described in Safeguarding Young People are familiar to us as the sensible practice we already use in working with children.

To download or view the full document please click on this link Safeguarding Young People