My Favourite Things
Each year Young Embroiderers and Textile Students enter our de Denne competition (named after the founder of the Young Embroiderers' section of the Embroiderers' Guild). We encourage entries from all our members - and the competition is judged on interpretation, skills and originality.

If you are a member of a Young Embroiderers/JETS Group we would love you to enter and there are prizes to be won for you or your group!

We are sure you will think up your own way of interpreting this year’s theme - perhaps some of the ideas below might inspire you - you could talk to your Group Leader about some ideas as well.

Sweets Cool buttons

The title suggests a collection or group of things, but it could include things you enjoy doing and learning about. So is there something that you, your friends or a family member collects or does together? Here are some ideas to start you off:

  • collection of dolls, sweets, buttons, badges, brooches or toy cars
  • favourite TV shows or films
  • favourite pop star or pop group
  • favourite football team
  • favourite sports or games (even lessons at school..or even your teachers)
  • do you have a favourite way you create art?
  • your favourite group of friends or family members
  • favourite group of colours
Coloured Pencils Cars

Why don't you show us in fabric and thread what that is?

Here are some quick guidelines for putting your competition entry together.

Categories (choose which one your entry is for)

  • Individual Age groups - 5-8 years 9-12 years 13+ years
  • Group - Average age of group 5-8 years 9-12 years 13+ years
  • Both - You might be able to enter your piece into both Group and Individual categories. Talk to your YE leader about how this could be done.

Entry Details - We have all the information you need in the following documents - please download and read all the Inspiration and Guideline pages and then complete the relevant entry form(s))

De Denne Competition 2019/2020 Theme and Inspiration

De Denne Competition 2019/2020 Full Guidelines

De Denne Competition 2019/2020 Individual Entry Form

De Denne Competition 2019/2020 Group Entry Form

If you would like any help with your ideas, please contact by email Alex Messenger, Artistic Director for Young and Student Embroiderers on